The EO TSV plugin requires QGIS Version 3.10 or higher

QGIS 3 Plugin Installation

  1. Open QGIS

  2. In the menu bar go to Plugins ‣ Manage and Install Plugins…

  3. Switch to the All tab and search for EO Time Series Viewer

  4. Click on Install Plugin to start the installation

  5. Start the EO Time Series Viewer via the icon icon or from the menu bar Raster ‣ EO Time Series Viewer


  1. Please follow to set up your IDE for developing a QGIS python application and ensure that git and git-lfs is installed.

  2. Clone the eo-time-series-viewer repository and checkout the development branch:

    git clone
    git checkout develop
    git lfs checkout
  3. Make the repository eo-time-series-viewer folder accessible to your python project

  4. Call timeseriesviewer/ or the folliwing code to start the EO Time Series Viewer:

    from timeseriesviewer.utils import initQgisApplication
    qgsApp = initQgisApplication()
    ts = TimeSeriesViewer(None)


add detailed description how to setup an IDE to run the EO Time Series Viewer without QGIS