2023-04-07 (version 1.18)

Stability Update

  • removed several issues related to updates in QGIS and GDAL

  • updated QPS library, which introduces several updates to the SpectralLibrary handling

2021-03-10 (version 1.17)

  • quick raster band selection and GDAL Metadata panel now appear in QGIS layer properties dialog

  • fixed smaller issues related to plugin loading and unloading

  • added bulk loading from time series definition files

  • fixes to run with QGIS 3.18+

  • move to next/previous observation with arrow right/left

  • move to next/previous observation window with CTRL + arrow right/left or A/D

  • move to last/first observation with End/Pos1 or ALT + A/D

  • select next/previous vector feature with arrow downs/up or S/W

  • added option for exclusive visibility of map views

  • show next/previous map view with PageDown/PageUp or ALT + S/W

  • set map center from/to QGIS with F1/ALT+F1

  • set map extent from/to QGIS with F2/ALT+F2

  • modified observation slider, slider shows range of visible dates

2021-02-02 (version 1.16)

  • fixed smaller issues

  • forward / backward button to move in time now shifts by number of opened observation dates/maps

  • next / previous feature button offers to (i) move to the next feature and (ii) update the map dates according to the availability of raster sources for the new map extent

  • faster updates of observation data visibility

2020-11-23 (version 1.15)

  • source files can be opened by drag and drop to the time series tree view

  • maps can be organized in multiple rows per map view (rows x columns)

  • map descriptions can be defined with QgsExpressions, e.g. ‘@map_date’ to show the date

  • quick labels: CTRL + right mouse button opens map menu even when the feature modify map tool is activates

  • source visibility update can be run on entire time series or (new and faster) for the next time steps only

  • added “follow current date” option to time series table to keep focus on the map window date range

  • added wildcard + regular expression filter to time series table

  • smaller bug fixes and improvements

2020-11-06 (version 1.14)

  • this version focuses on stability updates and improvements of the “quick label” system

  • map canvas menu now available with standard map tool (like zoom tool)

  • introduces label groups to apply quick labeling short cuts on different sets of vector fields

  • attribute table allow to selected added features automatically

  • optimized package imports

  • improved SpectralLibrary tool

  • fixed bugs

2020-07-23 (version 1.13)

  • time series and map settings can be stored to and reloaded from QGIS Projects

  • refactored layer styling and default raster stretching

  • fixed CRS translation bug and other smaller bugs

  • quick labels can be used to write date / datetime data into vector fields of type QDate or QDateTime

  • refactored context menus, e.g. in map view layer tree view, fixed #106

2020-04-09 (version 1.12)

  • TimeSeries tree view allows to change the visibility of single source images, e.g. to hide clouded observations

  • several updates to the Spectral Library Widget, e.g. import / export of profiles from ASD, ARTMO, EcoSYS or SPECCHIO

  • EOTSV allows to open images from sources with subdatasets, e.g. from Sentinel-2 or HDF images.

2020-01-23 (version 1.11)

  • revised unit tests for CI pipelines

  • fixed smaller issues in SensorModel

  • fixed #103: EOTSV crashed on Linux, caused by an attempt to storing a unpickable QgsTextFormat to QSettings

2019-11-25 (version 1.10)

  • improved matching of source images to sensors: matching can be specified in the settings dialog. Sensor matching based on ground sampling distance + number of bands + data type and optionally wavelength and/or sensor name

  • settings dialog shows known sensor / product specification and allows to modify their default “sensor name”

  • fixed copying of layer styles to maps of same sensor and map view type

  • improved speed of mapping and layer buffering

  • failed image sources are logged in the EO Time Series Viewer log panel

  • Spectral Library Viewer better handles large collections of spectral profiles

2019-10-02 (version 1.9)

  • includes several smaller updates

  • fixed error ‘shortcutVisibleInContextMenu’ error that occurred with Qt < 5.10

  • enhanced wavelength extraction from GDAL metadata: wavelength can be specified per band

2019-09-19 (version 1.8)

  • updated spectral library module

  • fixed #104: error in case of wrong spatial extent

  • default CRS properly shown in map view settings

  • user-defined CRS visible

2019-08-06 (version 1.7)

  • increased contrast for default map view text

  • improved reading of wavelength information, e.g. from Pleiades, Sentinel-2 and RapidEye data

  • temporal profile plot: data gaps can be shown by breaks in the profile line, data source information is correctly shown for selected points only

  • current extent can be copied via MapCanvas context menu

  • fixed #102: move maps to date of interest selected in a temporal profile plot

2019-07-16 (version 1.6)

  • re-design of map visualization: faster and more compact, the number of maps is fixed to n dates x m map views

  • date, sensor or map view information can be plotted within each map and become available in screenshots

  • releases map layers that are not required any more

  • slider + buttons to navigate over time series

  • fixed preview in crosshair dialog

2019-07-07 (version 1.5)

  • closing the EO Time Series Viewer instance will release all of its resources

  • added “Lock Map Panel” to avoid unwanted resizing of central widget

  • fixed missing updates of time series tree view when adding / removing source images

  • map canvas context menu lists layers with spatial extent intersecting the cursor position only

  • fixes feature selection error

  • added quick label source image to label the path of raster layer

2019-07-02 (version 1.4)

  • adding vector layers with sublayers will add all sublayers

  • map canvas context menu “Focus on Spatial Extent” will hide maps without time series data for the current spatial extent

  • labeling dock allows to iterate over vector features. the spatial map extent will be centered to each feature (#26)

  • added several convenience function to TimeSeriesViewer object

  • fixed a bug that did not allow to create new polygon features

  • temporal profile visualization: fixed icons to preview selected plot style, coordinate described by “ ”, e.g. “42 Deforested”, fixed plot style preview

  • updated SpectralLibraryViewer

  • fixed spelling error in stacked band input dialog

  • MapViews can add raster layers that have been opened in QGIS, e.g. XYZ Tile with OpenStreetMap data

2019-06-12 (version 1.3)

  • fixed #99: opening example closes QGIS on linux

  • fixed #96 and #99 : docutils not installed error when showing rst/md content

  • fixed #97: TSV does not start (Linux)

2019-05-31 (version 1.2)

  • added SaveAllMapsDialog and menu option to export all maps as image files.

  • fixed #91: select Temporal Profile / Spectral Profile button activates the required map tools.

  • fixed #92: map canvas context menu “copy to clipboard” options.

2019-05-24 (version 1.1)

  • dates and data sources of the TimeSeries are now shown in a TreeView instead TableView

  • observation dates of current visible map canvases are highlighted in the time series tree view

  • sensor raster layer properties can be opened from MapView layer tree #87. Stats will be related to center mapcanvas.

  • fixed: StackedInputDialog, MapCanvas context menu, “Save Changes?” labeling dialog (#85), remove temporal profile (#86), draw new feature error (#84), Crosshair button status (#90), and some more

2019-05-15 (version 1.0, major update)

  • labeling tools to modify vector layers.

  • quick labeling for time-labels information

  • synchronization with QGIS Map canvas center

  • SpectralLibrary can import SpectralProfiles from a raster image based on vector positions

  • simplified MapView control dock, each MapView has it’s own layer tree.

  • improved MapTool organization

  • removed PyQtGraph from list of required external python packages


  • renamed plugin folder from “timeseriesviewerplugin” to “EOTimeSeriesViewer”.

  • improved SpectraLibrary tool

  • CI tests with bitbucket pipelines

  • several bug fixes

2019-03-01 (version 0.8)

  • added labeling panel

  • scheduled map canvas refreshes

  • multiple images per observationdata & sensor

  • fixed several bugs


  • fixed bugs which where caused by CRS changes

  • fixed macOS QGIS (3.4.1.) crashes caused by QgsMapCanvas constructor


  • uses QgsTaskManager for background loading

  • own QgsMapLayerStore to not mix-up with (main) QGIS layers

  • fixed bugs related to changes in QGIS API

2018-06-20 (version 0.7)

  • Visualization of images with stacked temporal information (each band = one observation date)

  • some bugfixes


  • Speclib I/O as CSV or ENVI-Spectral Library + CSV table for attributes

  • temporary VRTs now created in-memory (gdal VSI mechanism) instead in a disk temp path

  • Spectral Library: profile coordinate now in center of map pixel (issue #66)

  • Save map canvas to clipboard

  • Width of plot lines now scale-independent (issue #64, QPen.setCosmetic(True))

  • adding fields to spectral library (issue #61)

2018-06-04 (version 0.6)

SpectralLibrary Module * now based on in-memory QgsVectorLayer * Locations and values of spectral profile can be exported as vector data set * Locations of spectral profiles can be rendered on MapCanvases

Temporal Profile Module * now based on in-memory QgsVectorLayer * Locations of temporal profiles can be exported as vector data set * Band values of temporal profiles can be exported as CSV file * Locations of temporal profiles can be rendered on MapCanvases

2018-04-17 (version 0.5)

  • ported to QGIS 3, Qt5 and Python 3.6

  • improvements in temporal profile visualization

  • removed several bug

  • visibility of vector and raster layers can be toggled per map view

  • improved interaction between QGIS and EOTSV (Buttons to import/export spatial extent of map canvas or center)


  • improved definition of individual 2D / 3D charts per sensor & pixel-location

  • added based OpenGL based 3D plot features (axis, grids, labels)

  • changed name to “EO Time Series Viewer” (EOTSV)


  • merged updates to temporal profile visualization, e.g. save temporal profiles, compare 2D profiles between different location, experimental 3D visualization


  • added file filters for OpenFileDialog


  • initialized Sphinx-based documentation

  • improved map visualization + map settings


  • many changes, done in development branch “develop”,

  • e.g: QGIS MapCanvases for interactive maps, temporal profiles, …


  • first setup for test users in the recent development branch